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Annie Linfitt, b. 1998,

Based in Edinburgh, UK


Storytelling has always been what i concerned myself with. As I read book after book and watched film after film, I developed a deep affinity with expressing characters and worlds, especially through clothing. I grew up in a small town just outside of Manchester, the only shops I really had access to were a series of charity shops, filled mostly by the 1990's cast offs from women who had been successful in weight-watchers (or not so successful). So my weekend habits tended to fall into a pattern of drama classes and buying old clothes that turned into costumes for the characters I created or read about that week.


As I am still a student at the moment, everything I do is about learning new skills and how to navigate new experiences, therefore I'm pretty much up to try anything. As my style goes, my main skill is translating the mood or feeling of something into a different media (that being costume just now). 

A level artwork chosen for display at the annual exhibition is hosted by the University of Bolton at the Innovation Factory of the School of Arts, Media and Education.

Artwork featured in a co-founded exhibition on Dysphoria at The Herbarium, Lancaster

Costumes featured in the R SUSTAINABLE fashion show at Edinburgh University of Art